2D Materials by Francesca Iacopi, John J. Boeckl and Chennupati Jagadish

2D Materials by Francesca Iacopi, John J. Boeckl and Chennupati Jagadish

By Francesca Iacopi, John J. Boeckl and Chennupati Jagadish (Eds.)

2D Materials includes the most recent details at the present frontier of nanotechnology, the thinnest kind of fabrics to ever happen in nature. a bit over 10 years in the past, this was once a very unknown region, no longer inspiration to exist. despite the fact that, in view that then, graphene has been remoted and acclaimed, and a complete different classification of atomically skinny fabrics, ruled by means of floor results and exhibiting thoroughly unforeseen and outstanding homes has been created.

This e-book is perfect for a number of readers, together with these looking a high-level assessment or a truly unique and important research. No nanotechnologist can presently put out of your mind this new category of materials.

  • Presents one of many first targeted books in this topic of nanotechnology
  • Contains contributions from a very good line-up of authoritative participants that compile idea and experiments
  • Ideal for quite a few readers, together with these looking a high-level review or a truly designated and demanding analysis

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