2012 Federal Employees Almanac by FederalDAILY

2012 Federal Employees Almanac by FederalDAILY

By FederalDAILY

The main relied on federal worker reference considering the fact that 1953!

Completely revised with the most recent 2012 principles, laws and methods! comprises complete chapters on:

* Federal pay platforms: federal pay tables and schedules, additional time, top rate and severance pay
* assurance: FEHB, lifestyles assurance, FLTCIP and medical
* Federal retirement platforms: CSRS, FERS, incapacity and Social Security
* Federal worker advantages: paid break day, go away, employees’ reimbursement and Medicare
* Thrift discounts Plan: plan strategies, funding suggestions and taking loans out of your TSP
* Federal employment and hiring techniques, together with downsizing policies
* Taxation of federal funds and advantages, together with IRS provisions and kingdom annuity taxes
* Lists of contacts for unions, OPM, advantages administration and more!

The 2012 Federal staff Almanac is a must have reference in your federal employment, federal advantages eligibility, and retirement planning.

Unlike different "handbooks" which are published a long way too early to be exact and updated, the Almanac isn't really despatched to press till federal worker coverage alterations affecting your occupation for the subsequent yr were issued by means of the government. The Almanac is the full reference for your entire federal employment questions!

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Extra info for 2012 Federal Employees Almanac

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Agencies using pass/fail programs must ensure that employees who receive a rating-based award for a “pass” rating performed at the equivalent of fully successful performance or better. Agencies have the flexibility to establish their own policies, which may include specifying the rating level(s) needed to receive a rating-based award. There is no entitlement to any award. Group Incentive Awards—Agencies can support continuing progress toward organizational goals by using gainsharing or goalsharing incentive programs.

Agency-Based Discretionary Authorities Highest Previous Rate—Upon re-employment, transfer, reassignment, promotion, demotion, or change in type of appointment, agencies may set the rate of basic pay of an employee by taking into account a rate of basic pay previously received by the individual while employed in another civilian federal position (with certain exceptions). This rate may not exceed the maximum rate of the employee’s grade. C. 203(c) & (d) for General Schedule employees. C. ) Premium Pay, Exceptions to the Biweekly Limitation—An agency may make an exception to the GS-15, step 10, biweekly limitation on premium pay during emergencies involving a direct threat to life or property.

Under this authority, employing agencies request such authority and OPM can approve rates of pay typically up to the rate for Level II of the Executive Schedule—Level I in exceptional circumstances and above 35 2012 Federal Employees Almanac Level I in rare cases. Critical position pay may be authorized for a position that requires expertise of an extremely high level in a scientific, technical, professional, or administrative field and that is critical to the agency’s successful accomplishment of an important mission.

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