3 Days to Vitality: Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, by Pamela Serure

3 Days to Vitality: Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind, by Pamela Serure

By Pamela Serure

Looking a clean begin? suppose greater speedy with this overall body-cleansing adventure and jump-start your existence in precisely 3 days!

"I recognize what she has performed for me and that i can simply think what her e-book will do for everybody else."
-- Donna Karan

"Pamela Serure is a rare girl of imaginative and prescient and perception. i've got the best appreciate for her. She is a lady of infrequent gifts."
-- Danielle Steel

"I acquired juiced with Pamela and felt nice the following day, and the day after that, and the day after that...."
-- Christie Brinkley

"This much-needed booklet is worthy to bettering one's trip to optimum health."
-- Richard N. Ash, M.D.

"Pamela Serure is well clicking. On-trend for the recent millenium."
-- religion Popcorn, writer of Clicking  and The Popcorn Report 

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She’s making no connection between what she’s thinking and what she’s feeling—which is making her act irrationally. Sandy places a lot of the blame on her job, which is literally taking everything she’s got. It’s making her so angry and irritated that she feels as though she is holding her breath all day long. She takes one big gulp of air when she wakes up. She doesn’t fully exhale again until she hits the pillow and clicks on the late night TV program of choice. When the day in front of her hits her in the stomach, her 3 DAYS TO VITALITY / 29 shoulders tense up, and she doesn’t feel even the slightest bit of calm again for the rest of the day.

A new job pays more money, and we hope it will improve our self-esteem. A new relationship looks exciting, and we hope it will give us a fuller life. A big hamburger looks rich and juicy, and we hope it will make our life feel just as rich and juicy. Detox, on the other hand, is a very different kind of animal. Detox works from the inside out, helping you connect to your center. And if that wasn’t enough, something else amazing starts to happen when you detox on such a deep level. The more healthy and alive you feel deep inside, the more your “outsides” start to mirror those feelings.

Life feels more full. And you feel more full of life. Every single day, old cells die and new cells are formed. We’ve always heard that all the cells in the body are replaced within seven years, but I’ve read that we really replace 90 percent of the cells in our bodies in less than one year: Every five hours, the lining of your stomach is replaced; every four weeks, you have brand-new skin; every six weeks you have a new liver. Your body wants to be new. Your body wants to heal. When the body is on “automatic pilot,” our new cells are mirror images of our old cells, and they face the same battles.

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