360 Gamer [UK], Issue 110

360 Gamer [UK], Issue 110

360 Gamer journal is without doubt one of the UK’s top price magazines for the Xbox 360 purchaser. It offers readers with studies and previews of recent video games. It additionally has attention-grabbing positive aspects which incorporates information of upcoming video games. For these readers trying to win a few nice prizes it additionally positive aspects very covetable competitions. The journal is particularly modern since it is released each 3 weeks. which means it may provide fanatics the opportunity to actually remain prior to the sport! (No pun intended!) The journal additionally deals a loose DVD which bargains new fabric for lovers to become familiar with.

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Sorcerer Spells Known (save DC 12 + spell level): 6/6 0— acid splash, detect magic, flare, ray of frost, read magic 1st— identify, obscuring mist, true strike. The dragon’s trove contains: 2,800 gp, 4,400 sp, a silver chalice worth 80 gp, 15 gems worth in total 2,251 gp [emerald (worth 800 gp), banded agate (12 gp), amber (120 gp), azurite (11 gp), amethyst (120 gp), blue quartz (8 gp), bloodstone (40 gp), lapis lazuli (9 gp), rhodocrosite (12 gp), pink pearl (110 gp), obsidian (7 gp), malachite (11 gp), jade (80 gp), hematite (11 gp), blue star sapphire (900 gp)], masterwork heavy steel shield, masterwork greatsword, +1 short sword, +1 light hammer, staff of healing [with 12 charges], potion of cure light wounds (CL 5), potion of bear’s endurance (CL 6), ring of protection +2, scroll of detect magic (CL 5), scroll of delay poison (CL 6).

A character with at least 5 ranks in Profession [mining] or Knowledge [dungeoneering] or similar skills can lead a group of 5 people, equipped with shovels, picks and other proper instruments, as well as timbers for supports, to free the passage in 1d6+6 days. Magic, of course, could be very helpful as well, if it worked! Clearing the passage is not relevant for the adventure since characters can get access to the other side of the fall via a different path but the DM should allow the party to take any step they like to free the passage.

Once the ceiling collapses, water slowly streams into the room. Since the dungeon is level, the water spreads to any room and corridor up to a 2-inch height before exiting the main entrance. This does not hamper the dungeon explorers in any way. 6. The Water Passage (EL 1) The passage is big enough to allow a single small creature to walk into it, although with curved shoulders. Medium creatures can crawl along it while larger creatures simply do not fit. Refer to the DMG to see how the reduced space hampers movement and other abilities.

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