52® Fun Things to Do on the Plane by Lynn Gordon

52® Fun Things to Do on the Plane by Lynn Gordon

By Lynn Gordon

Turn an in-flight journal into a fascinating video game, rework your mid-flight snack into an fast murals: with fifty two how you can maintain teenagers busy, chuffed, and occupied within the air or on the boarding terminal, this revised and up to date deck is the touring kid's crucial carry-on merchandise.

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Look around you to make sure that you aren’t being followed. Make up your own imaginary story about this top secret trip and decide what your secret mission is. Plane Parts On a piece of paper, write out or draw all the different parts of an airplane. When you are done thinking of all the parts, name all the jobs that are needed to run a plane. How many people are there on the airplane now helping to run it and taking care of all the passengers? Take a guess and then ask one of the flight attendants.

A snail? A dog? Get a partner to guess what animal you are making and then you can guess your partner’s, too. Alien Pictures Pleat a piece of paper into five or six panels. Starting at the top, draw the head of a creature on the first fold and then draw little lines into the top of the second panel to show where the neck continues. Fold your drawing over so that the next person can’t see it. She then draws the chest with lines coming down to show the waist and folds it over. Continue until the whole body is done.

What are some of the things that you will see there? Is it cold or hot there? What would you need to bring if you visited? What do you think it would be like to live there? Now that you’ve imagined a place you’d want to go, what if you ended up on a desert island with only your carry-on bag? Would you want to be found right away, or would you like some time to explore? What would you hope to find? How could you use the things in your bag? Marry Me! In this game you will magically find the person you are going to marry when you grow up.

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