A Modern Formal Logic by Milton Fisk

A Modern Formal Logic by Milton Fisk

By Milton Fisk

This e-book used to be written for the newbie. It is now not, even though, a survey of
modern formal common sense, for it does no longer test to symbolize the present opinion of
logicians on the common issues with which it offers. In truth, it was
written in the conviction that one other view of those concerns is extra adequate.
The fee paid for this shift is the ensuing lack of basic mechanical tests
for the correctness of ideas of the good judgment of sentences and of monadic
predicates. The deductive approach of evidence resorted to for setting up these
principles demanding situations ingenuity with out being so tough as to discourage it.

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Both basic principles and basic rules are to be used in constructing proofs. 3, will specify how they can be used in constructing proofs. 9~1 Basic S-Principles. Some of the principles in the following list can be proved by using other principles of the list. Because of this it might be 38 The Logic of Sentences [Chap. c·list arc genuinely basic. However, a basic principle is, for us, si1nply one· which can be used in proofs. It does not 1nattcr that such a pr~nciplc is in a certain sense redundant.

1 Sentence Connectives. Since sentence variables are the only variables appearing in principles studied in the logic of sentences, the logical constants appearing in these principles will belong to a restricted class. Such logical constants must fit together with sentence variables to form patterns exemplified by well-formed sentences. The logical constants of this class are to be called sentence connectives. Most of them serve to connect into compound sentences either several sentences or several clauses which would become sentences under slight modification.

P. so q includes that described by: (2) if f x then gx. Jx. so gx, [§5] Truth and Validity 25 which includes that described by: (3) if x runs then x moves. x runs. so x moves. The type described by : (4) if p then q. p. so r includes that described by (1 ), but is nonvalid. The type described by (1) is in fact the most inclusive valid argument type to which any argument exemplifying (1 ), (2); or (3) belongs. In classifying a valid argument for logical treatment, there is no need to bring out more of its structure than is necessary for its validity.

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