A Popular Dictionary of Judaism (Popular Dictionaries of by Cohn-Sherbok

A Popular Dictionary of Judaism (Popular Dictionaries of by Cohn-Sherbok

By Cohn-Sherbok

This concise dictionary of Judaism comprises over one thousand entries describing all of the key facets of faith, tradition and historical past within the Jewish religion. Designed for the coed in addition to the overall reader, it merits a spot in each library and each Jewish domestic.

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Rabbi Gershon ben Shlomo (13th century) Shar Hashamaim (Israel: 1968), Maamor 11, p. 71. Rabbi Menasha Ren Israel. Nishmat Chayim. Maamor 2, chapter 15. Rabbi Moshe Metrani (1500-1580) Beit Elokim (Jerusalem: Otzer Hasefarim, 1985), Shar Hayesodot chapter 62. They all speak of the intellectual soul being the highest soul. See, however, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman. Ramban. Chapter 2, verse 7. Rabbeinu Bachya. Genesis, chapter 2, verse 7. Where they equate the highest level of soul, the intellectual soul, with the Godly soul.

If a soul has multiple incarnations, it is likely that some will be deserving of reward and others of punishment. When the soul is finally elevated and returns to its source, which does it receive? The punishment, or the reward? It seems unfair that the soul which existed within a righteous person would be punished for the deeds of a later incarnation and vice versa. Another dilemma posed in the responsa (which is also one of the more common confusions regarding reincarnation) concerns the resurrection of the dead.

Hilchot Yibum VeChelitza, chapter 4, Halacha 6. Where he writes a law, whose source is unknown in our editions of Talmud, and it seems, that the only source for this particular law, is from the Kabbalah, the Zohar. 52. Talmud. Shabbat 119b. 53. See Rabbi Saadiah Gaon, Emunot VeDeyot (Jerusalem: HaAmnim, 1993), Maamor 5. 22 REINCARNATION AND JUDAISM This, he writes, is a valid explanation, which can be applicable everywhere and at all times. ) Another argument Rabbi Saadiah records (which believers in reincarnation bring as proof for their beliefs) is from the fact that many human beings have character traits and qualities of various animals.

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