A revision of the Dryinidae (Hymenoptera) Part 1 by Massimo Olmi

A revision of the Dryinidae (Hymenoptera) Part 1 by Massimo Olmi

By Massimo Olmi

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To the hind margin of the The shape of the ninth sternite may have taxonomic importance in Dryininae, Anteoninae and Aphelopinae in separa t i ng species. The male genital ia (Fig. 11) consist of a basal ring, two lateral a median penis (consisting of two penis valves) and two volsellae on the sides of the penis. Each volsella consists of a proximal basivolsella and a d i sta I distivolsella. I n the Gonatopodinae the dorsa I end of each paramere forms an appendage termed the dorsal process of gonoforceps (Fig.

In Gonatopodinae, Anteoninae and Bocchinae, females may be brachypterous or micropterous. The first abdominal segment (propodeurn) has become firmly attached to the thorax and is connected to the rest of the abdomen by a narrow petiole. Some authors propose the term mesosoma for the thorax + propodeum. Usually the segments of the mesosoma are easily visible. fused (only propectus PROTHORAX. less is distinct). The dorsal the mesonotum, the recognizable because the sutures are more or Apodryininae, however, the mesosoma sclerites are completely In sclerite whi Ie the lateral (pronotum) is rather closely attached to sclerites (propleura, composed entirely of proepisterna) are loosely attached to their notum.

The Gonatopodinae. from that the be obsol ete or strong I y This condition scutellum. area and antero-dorsal visible. The early the reduction the the are formed some phylogenetic significance; of At or is much suture may median, transverse the mesonotum in a trochantin the pronotum importance. the the apterous the mesothoracic waist The meso-metap I eura I apterous is a modified The the prepectus Can According in in from is to and continuous antero-ventral rei eased parallel parts by is epicnemium developed hO's assumed considerable special isation of area waist connecting thorax.

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