American Gods by Neil Gaiman

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

By Neil Gaiman

Mod Edit: This torrent is the "non-anniversary" version of yankee Gods, and is authorized to co-exist with the 10th Anniversary Edition.

Shadow is a guy with a prior. yet now he wishes not anything greater than to stay a quiet existence together with his spouse and remain out of hassle. till he learns that she's been killed in a bad accident.

Flying domestic for the funeral, as a violent hurricane rocks the aircraft, an odd guy within the seat subsequent to him introduces himself. the guy calls himself Mr. Wednesday, and he understands extra approximately Shadow than is possible.

He warns Shadow a long way higher hurricane is coming. And from that second on, not anything will ever he the same...

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Health practitioner Trevor Adams is a genius via all bills. His ethics, although, go away a piece to be wanted. while the Aphrodite Aesthetic Reconstruction medical institution hires him to create a genetic weight reduction remedy, health practitioner Adams makes use of a man-made unfashionable virus to move pygmy shrew DNA into consumers prepared to pay tens of millions of greenbacks which will consume no matter what they wish with no gaining a pound.

The Curse Keepers (Curse Keepers, Book 1)

The wall among our global and that of vengeful spirits has safe humanity for greater than four hundred years. It’s approximately to return crashing down.

Ellie Lancaster has lived her complete existence by means of the positioning of the mysterious misplaced Colony of Roanoke, the North Carolina payment that vanished with out a hint round 1590. simply the descendants of the 2 males who banished the spirits of an enemy tribe from the cloth realm understand what particularly occurred to the colony. Ellie is a type of descendants—a Curse Keeper. Her father took pains to coach her what he knew of the curse and the obligations of its guardians. He taught her that if the 2 Curse Keepers ever meet, the curse may be lifted, the gate will open, and the raging local American spirits should be unleashed to hunt their revenge.

Despite her father’s seriousness, Ellie has regularly taken the legend for a risk free fairy story. until eventually she meets the darkly good-looking, yet downright infuriating, Collin Dailey and realizes every thing she was once advised is right. For after they meet, it’s just like the air is sucked from the room. Collin’s presence is electrifying… and it’s not only charm Ellie feels, however the inexorable pull towards her future. The prophecy is genuine, and now Ellie and Collin needs to conflict supernatural forces and their loathing—and passion—for one another to set issues right.

The Curse Keepers are all that stand among the realm and its destruction.


From the award-winning writer of Daughter of Hounds Spyder Baxter is the consumer saint of the alienated and misplaced. She invitations them into her captivating international of formality and rite, blood and fireplace. .. a realm of vengeful gods, of exiled spirits harboring the darkish secrets and techniques of Hell-and the darker secrets and techniques of Heaven.

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