And Then the Engines Stopped: Flying in Papua New Guinea by Gerard R. Ward, Susan W. Serjeantson

And Then the Engines Stopped: Flying in Papua New Guinea by Gerard R. Ward, Susan W. Serjeantson

By Gerard R. Ward, Susan W. Serjeantson

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They would involve more responsibility for the Territory’s Ministers and its emerging parliament, bringing it closer, but not too close, to internal self-government. The proposals were intended to provide answers for the demands of some local politicians who were calling for self-government and even independence. They were also intended to head off calls by the Labor Opposition in Australia for a timetable leading towards full independence for Papua New Guinea. The mood in Papua New Guinea was tense.

In times past it had small glaciers, as the highest peaks on the Indonesian side still do. So we flew peacefully past this top, and on the other side saw the most spectacular scenery I will ever see, amongst the most varied on earth. Close beside us in wisps of mist were ragged glacial peaks with mossy rocks and a dusting of snow, and two little glacial tarns with waterfalls between them. We could have been in high Scotland. Just below were giant slopes extending down to the dark jungle around the base of the mountain.

Behind them rose the black ranges of the mysterious Finisterres, 3,500 metres high and scene of lonely Australian heroism in the Second World War. The sea behind them was peaceful pale blue beneath the big white storm heads, and set in it were several island volcanoes, a line of white smoke drifting from Karkar. I guess geologists are more romantic than accountants, because I was more moved by all of this in one vista than he was. Perhaps we were again breaking the rules of how to look after an MD.

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